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The recognized industry standard for measuring consumer appeal of personalities, characters, licensed properties, programs and brands

Cartoon Q
Over 600 characters and licensed properties are measured in our Cartoon Q study covering TV, comics, movies, food products, media, video games, toys, entertainment venues / activities and other categories.
Performer Q
Follow celebrity appeal trends with updates of 1800+ personalities every six months across a variety of key demographic segments-determine how publicized career and personal events may be affecting their marketability
Kids and Teens Brand Q
With over 175 brands evaluated by youngsters of all ages, our All-Brand Ranking report offers insights into choosing the "right" promotional partners for age group targeting.
Brand Attachment Q
Pinpoint the emotional connection consumers have with 175 diverse brands. Include your brand(s) in our upcoming study.
Sports Q
Track the marketing appeal of 600+ active and retired athletes, coaches, managers as well as broadcasters/Commentators among all sports fans or fans of a specific sports. Fan appeal trends are also available for 40 sports and activities in each study.
Hispanic Performer Q
Over 400 Hispanic personalities demographically profiled among U.S. Hispanic consumers across all levels of acculturation.
Dead Q
Trend the recognition and appeal of deceased celebrities to determine their "value" today.
TV Q / Cable Q
The only ongoing, syndicated service to measure the "emotional connection viewers have with prime time, early morning news, late night and syndicated broadcast series as well as with cable programs in all day parts.
Q Scores Insights
Sports Q reports that international soccer is growing in appeal among U.S. teens, even before the success of this year’s World Cup
 03-September 2013
TVQ reports the Top 5 appealing primetime shows among movie goers: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU and Person of Interest
 03-September 2013
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