Custom Research

There are occasions when our schedule of syndicated studies might not match your timetable, or we may not have recent (or any) data to match your specific needs. Fortunately, we offer a variety of custom research options for each of our syndicated studies.

Custom Studies - Abbreviated versions of our syndicated studies can be launched with the addition of proprietary questions to enhance the total value of the results. National or regional samples are selected from our consumer panel using your specified demographic requirements. These custom studies utilize the “norms” from the syndicated studies.

Additional Samples - Basic samples can be supplemented to either increase the sample size for existing demographic segments or to include key segments related to client’s objectives.

Tracking Studies - Syndicated studies can be supplemented with interim studies to track the growth or decline in appeal of a personality, program, character, brand, etc.

Concept Studies - By mail or online, we have developed approaches for evaluating concepts for consumer markets, including products/brands and restaurants.

Please refer to our specific Q Scores databases for more information on custom research.