Database of Sports Personalities (evaluated by sports fans)

This unique database contains sports personalities rated by sports fans, which helps to determine the targeted audience attraction of both active and retired personalities, including extreme athletes, coaches, managers, broadcasters and more. In addition, 40 sports/activities are rated to track their year-to-year appeal, with available demographic profiles and sports fans rankings.

Our data enable clients to make informed decisions about a specific personality’s demographic appeal and/or examine the field of possible alternatives among sports fans in general, or among fans of specific sports. Since we also measure many of these sports personalities among the general population, our databases provide valuable insight into the ability of a sports personality to transcend his or her sport, helping to determine their marketing versatility. 

Our Sports Q study is fielded every year in March and measures approximately 500 sports personalities, as well as additional questions dealing with interest in a wide variety of sports and activities. Questionnaires are completed by a nationally representative sample of 2,000 teen (12-17) and adult (18-64) sports fans. Sports Q data trends date back to 1990.

Data on sports personalities may be purchased in the following forms:

    Full Study - All available data are included in the full study subscription.

    Individual Demographic Profile - Demographic data on one or more sports personalities is tabulated by: age, age within sex, income, geographic regions, Nielsen county size, education, occupation, race and Hispanic ethnicity.

    Ranking Report - All sports personalities are ranked by their Q Scores among a standard demographic target (e.g. adults 25-54) or by a custom definition of the target audience (e.g. males 40-64 with incomes of $75,000+).

    Custom Tabulations - Beyond demographics other information can be accessed from our database such as home ownership, cable households, computer users and dog or cat ownership. Thus, for example, a ranking of sports personality appeal can be tabulated among “apartment dwelling cat owners” or “HBO subscribers”.