Database of Brands (targeted to kids, teens or adults)

Our database contains brands and companies targeted to kids, teens or adults. Logos representing each brand are used to elicit responses, results of which help our clients understand the emotional bonds consumers have with the brands included in our studies.

In our Brand Attachment Q study, male and female adults answer questions about each brand, including familiarity and experience, overall opinion (Q Score), brand imagery and brand attachment (commitment to ongoing brand usage). Studies are fielded every six months in May and November, using a nationally representative sample of 1,800 adults (18+). Responses are tabulated by age, age within gender, race, ethnicity and other demographics.

In our Kids and Teens Brand Q study, children and teens answer opinion and description questions designed to determine familiarity, overall opinion (Q Scores) and brand imagery. Studies are fielded every year in August, using a nationally representative sample of 1,000 children (6-11) and 1,000 teens (12-17). Responses are tabulated by age, gender and other demographics.

Both of these studies are “share-the-cost” with participants providing logo(s) on each brand they contract for. Thus, the cost of conducting the study is shared among several companies.

Data on brands may be purchased in the following forms:

    Individual Brand Data - Participating companies receive data on the specific brand(s) they order. Results include norms for all brands measured and for specific product categories provided as a frame of reference.

    All-Brand Ranking Report - This report covers 175 brands from the five most recent studies—an ideal tool when searching outside traditional categories for joint-promotion partners.